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Title: Web Socket Based Stock Price Dissemination System
Authors: Senanayake, G.K.
Keywords: Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Issue Date: 12-Sep-2013
Abstract: DirectFN is using open source project CometD for the real time stock data distribution for web clients. There is a separate component for real time data distribution for non-web clients. Comet solution is having problems with high bandwidth usage and low performance figures such as less number of concurrent users per CPU core. Maintaining two solutions which is totally different in technology is an overhead to DirectFN. Problem can be solved if DirectFN can develop a single component which support both types of clients and satisfy bandwidth requirements. In this project an attempt is made to use web sockets as the communication technique for sending real time stock market information to web front ends. This solution is an upgrade to existing solution at DirectFN Private Ltd to support web clients. Web socket technique was a successful approach in distributing real time data. Web sockets are not supporting data compression. When the RFC for web socket compression is finalized, it should be applied to the solution to get better gain in bandwidth. Finding efficient application level protocol than JSON and developing the message decoder in java and other languages to be done as future work.
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