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Title: Small Genius Quality Learning Tool for Kids
Authors: Balasooriya, N.D.
Issue Date: 26-May-2014
Abstract: Small Genius(SG) is a learning supportive web tool for kids whose age is year four to six. Especially it will act as theskills of creativity and abilities of thinking improvement text book for Pre-school kids. The sole purpose of this project is to provide an efficient, interactive, a painless and a user friendly platform for the kids to do practical to improve their creativity and abilities with new technology. This thesis contains conceptual overview of a text book and process of its usageconvert to technological overview.The human brain develops more rapidly between birth and age five than during any other subsequent period. The preschool years are the time in which the brain begins to maximize efficiency by determining which connections to keep and which to eliminate. So this age is suit to involve them to technology and get learn something from it to develop their creativities. The instructional model of the teacher and the textbook as the primary sources of knowledge, conveyed through lecturing, discussion, and reading, has expire now. Kids who are in age three to six are sifting information from many sources and producing projects to present their knowledge, using computers and the Internet throughout. Instead ofparents meeting, SG parents update about their children and their activities in the pre-school day by day via SMS from the teacher. Teachers and kids can manage accounts, get the results of activitiesand get the summery of their activities on time. By doing those computerized lessons, games and activities, kids absorb more and decrease work load of teacher than traditional text book. Rather than that kids and their parents can check the summary of kids activities and comments of the particular kid by login the account in WWW, every day at everywhere. In traditional text book,students have a copy for each and they cover it, write the name on it and paste a sticker to make their identity. In here also kid can manage their profile by changing user name, password and also profile picture without any convenient. SG is following time line template that mostly use in social networks. So this is mostly effeteness to sense todays technology. This will affect low cost, easily distribute and change contents of more than hundredactivities simply of text books for kids.Even though the system has been developed with support to English language, with minor modifications, this web tool is flexible enough to work in other practical based subjects, other languages and also other age limits of students.
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