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Title: Web based blood donation management system
Authors: Abeykoon, A.M.N.A.
Issue Date: 20-May-2014
Abstract: Information system plays a key role in the management of any modern organization or process. Most of the well-developed countries take advantage of information systems to increase the quality and efficiency of their healthcare process including blood donation. That will help them to maintain adequate blood stock and donor database all the time. But within our country, outcomes of the information technology are hardly used for improvement of the healthcare processes like blood donation. Most of the blood collecting authorities in the country still use traditional methods for communication and paper based file systems for record keeping. As a result they are facing issues like maintaining lower blood stock and weak donor database most of the times. The purpose of this project is to develop an information system called web based blood donation management system to support country s blood donation process and help to resolve main issues identified during the current donation process. One of the main objectives of the system is to bridge the communication gap between involved parties using features like publishing articles, publishing blood donation events and sending SMS alerts. Another main objective is to introduce DBMS to store all blood donation related data and hence improve the data retrieval and integrity. Finally it aims on maintaining adequate, safe blood stock and solid donor database all the time. The project is carried out using rapid application development methodology and design is based on the unified modeling language (UML) diagrams. The system is developed using well known content management system called Joomla and uses Apache web server, PHP server side scripting language and MySQL database server as a web development environment. The system is well tested using manually written test cases and all identified major issues are fixed to ensure higher quality service to the end users. Finally system usability is evaluated using a set of end users and user feedbacks are captured using questionnaire form. The overall project aims and objectives can be considered as fulfilled based on the responses got from the users and believe it will truly add value to the blood donation process within the country.
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