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Title: Web-based Office Automation System
Authors: Weerarathne, D.M.
Issue Date: 20-May-2014
Abstract: This document contains complete description of the project of Office Automation System (OAS) which I prepared for the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). The scope of this project is to solve existing problems in the SLBC up to expected level of Project Examination Board (PEB). The corporate currently uses manual workflow for human resource management, payroll management activities and uses MS office excel spread sheets for reporting requirements. Authorized persons of the above workflows faces a lot of difficulties while processing data on demand such as monthly salary calculation for some of the employees based on their no-pay leaves etc. The major objective of this project is to develop a web based Office Automation System (OAS) for SLBC using JSP/Servlet, Apache Tomcat, Hibernate framework with Oracle DBMS and Maven software combination and design a web-based office automation system with eight security levels such as administrator, director, director-general, administrator-human resource, administrator-financial, administrative-secretary, secretary and employee, using object-oriented methodologies as well as structured methodologies. The proposed system includes features like managing employee sensitive data of the corporation covering the functionality of human resource management system, functionality of payroll system covering functionality such as calculating monthly employee salary, and making adjustment for incorrectly calculated salary due to unapproved leaves. The proposed system includes an MIS reporting module that contains different types of reports that are essential for decision making in day-to-day organizational and business activities.
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