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Title: eProfile Search Application
Authors: Siriwardana, T.A.C.
Keywords: e profile
Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Issue Date: 12-Sep-2013
Abstract: Your digital footprint is everything on the Internet that is about you. This could include;  photographs that you, your friends or family have posted online  anything you have written or that has been written about you, for instance on news site, discussion boards, blogs, or in articles. We are all being encouraged to put aspects of ourselves and our lives online, and much of this content is freely available to view. Each time we add something about ourselves on the Internet we enlarge our own digital footprint on the Internet. Whenever we mention someone else, we enlarge others digital footprint on the Internet. Due to the information on the web being tremendous, dynamic and irregular, searching an individual to get consolidated view of public digital footprint in a readable manner is not straightforward. Search engines can be used to search an individual to get details. But search engines present the details as search results and it lacks readability. This research is about proving an application that can be used to search and view a person digital footprint (public contents and images). Here, we made an attempt to develop an application that uses a public search engine to find results of a searched individual, use a custom algorithm to extract relevant contents from each result and present the same in readable manner.
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