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Title: LAQ: Location-Aware Queries for Sensor Networks
Authors: Mahawaththa, M.D.W.S.
Issue Date:  12
Abstract: Wireless sensor networking is rapidly merging research area at the moment. Considering WSN application, power consumption is foremost crucial. Reducing power consumption is focal concern when developing WSN applications. As everyone knows majority of power diminishes in WSN environment for communication purpose. Therefore developing spatial queries for sensor network can play momentous role. Spatial queries means location aware queries same as in RDBMS. Even though wireless sensor network necessity is not a secret in contemporary, lack of spatial query development is still there. Hence lack of supporting for acquiring data with geo referencing of sensor node is a problem. Furthermore addressing part of the network out of whole network leads save power consumption as well as time. There is another fact to express that, because of WSN is rather novel approach, majority of researches related on WSN are more tend to worrying about technical quality of the research rather than worrying about user friendliness. Thus main objective of this research is to come up with a solution for these shortcomings. Basically this research is consists of two main parts, Off-line and On-line approach. In Off-line approach we have proposed PostGIS architecture to identify sensor nodes spatially and send query over the sensor network as normal WSN query. PostGIS architecture is a spatial RDMS which is maintained in base station of the sensor network. In On-line approach, we directly send query to sensor network without using PostGIS architecture to identify sensor nodes and sensor nodes are aware about their location and response to that query, if that mote is within that query GPS range. For the evaluation, we have used two platforms, COOJA simulator and real motes. Finally we have concluded that addressing sensor node without PostGIS architecture will leads to increase the performance of sensor network.
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