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Title: Web Media Agent: An Ontology-Based Conceptual Indexing Framework
Authors: Subramaniam, T.P.
Issue Date: 17-Dec-2013
Abstract: Web users tend to download Web media objects that are of interest to them, whilst browsing. After downloading nding or rediscovering those media les on the local computer is non-trivial. A range of approaches has been explored as attempts to index personal Web Media. After observing the insu ciency of their provision of context information, this paper suggests a novel model of ontology-based conceptual indexing using user navigation path through the Web. The signi cance of capturing the user's working context when indexing personal Web media is based on the observation from cognitive psychology that humans recall objects or events from the past with the aid of cues related to the context in which they were added to the memory. As a novel source of semantics the user's navigation path is exploited to capture the context. The proposed conceptual index is put into to realm by associating a conventional index with concepts of an ontology. In order to map the semantics extracted from the navigation path onto the ontological concepts, a Region-Selection algorithm is introduced as part of the contribution. The proposed solution is intended to be usable in a distributed collaborative environment where these ontologies are maintained and evolved with the help of a community.
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