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Title: e - Person web information system
Authors: Rathnayaka, R.M.J.
Issue Date: 14-Oct-2013
Abstract: The modern development of the world has made the man very industrious making him utilize every second in his life to engage in daily routine of work. As a result of that people do not have time to manage and maintain their personal documents and data. The e- Person web information system is developed as a solution for the problem created by the time factor. From this dissertation author hopes to present the e- Person web information system, the problems and short comings that can arise from it and also suitable problem solving methods to face them. The e – Person system is mainly designed to manage personal information and documents by providing highly secured functionalities. As personal documents and data vary from person to person they are strictly confidential to each other in their lives. The e – Person system caters to the necessity of such secured personal document management system to preserve the privacy of personal information. Since most of the people are fed up with managing their personal documents completely by manual processes this will be a good solution for them to arrange their life in more systematic manner. The system allows users to upload and manage their electronic versions of the paper documents with other Meta data information and let them available to access it any time at anywhere. In addition to that the system provides the document collaboration feature to share the valuable information among external parties with more security features. The J2EE technology was used to develop all the modules of the system by combining spring and struts framework. In addition to that the JSP was used to design interfaces and Oracle database was used as the backend database in the system. To evaluate the system a questionnaire was given to selected group of users to measure the performance, usability, security and user friendliness of the developed system. The user feedbacks were analyzed and presented the results of evaluation in graphical representation at the closure of this dissertation.
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