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Title: Inventory Control System for State Timber Corporation
Authors: Eleperuma, M.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: As Business process becoming more and more complex and all the hype gathered around Data warehouses, it is essential that the business should incorporate Carefully Evaluated Computer Based Data Processing instead of Manual processes. The term Carefully Evaluated is stressed up on because one needs to identify what data needs to be stored?, how it should be processed? and what information from the processed data can be retrieved?. The current process of manual log books and paper based documentation has lead to many inaccuracies and malpractices within STC; thus resulting in bad reputation to the organization from the public as well as accusation of corruption. There are many loop holes in the current manual stock managing process which are discussed in detail later in this document. The aim of this project is to eliminate these loopholes and build a better and more transparent inventory management methodology for STC which will bring back its lost glory and make the institution more profitable as well. The product of this project is an Inventory Control System for the State Timber Corporation (STC) to better manage and efficiently track transfer of timber stocks across all timber depots of the STC around the island. By implementing a computerized centrally managed web based inventory control system, STC intends to keep an up to date, record of all timber stocks across the island and better tackle the issue of mishandling of timber and put an end to the corruption and malpractices. Other features of the system include summary and detailed information of depots, management reports on records entered, user activity information, sales information etc. The solution is developed as a web based solution using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Apache. Adobe Photoshop will be used in designing graphics for the interfaces. Adobe Dreamweaver will be used as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Work on the system has been completed and enhancements are in progress with the customer in order to add features and optimize the solution further.
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