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Title: Fresh Gherkin Production Analysis System For Sunfrost Pvt Ltd
Authors: Lakmal, H.M.P.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: In most cases businesses fails to achieve its goals due to improper management and lack of timely decision making. Most of the time they have the necessary information with themselves; not only to survive in its domain of business, but also to fly higher in the ladder of success too. Analyzing the experiences and the information which are already in hand is the key to step up in the ladder of success for any kind of business Sunfrost (Pvt) Ltd is a company which is involved in a business of producing fresh gherkin for exporting purposes. The company currently operates their entire set of processes as manual procedures and all the records are logged in books and paper files for later reference. This generates a backlog of activities and erroneous outputs. In some occasions this leads to accidental miscalculations which will result in loosing of the due incomes for the company. Also the current mode of operations at the company does not address a way of getting required information for evaluating the production by farmers and way of understanding the farm owner s commitment towards the expected production procedures. Another shortcoming of the current way of working is the inability of generating timely reports of the current status of the activities when they are needed for the interested parties of the company. The proposed system is capable of giving accurate and flexible reports on time while maintaining the accuracy of information in much higher level with related to the existing methodology. And also the proposed system contains higher security features with the controlled user access permissions. This report describes the Project Life Cycle followed to build the system from the inception to the deployment of the system. It discusses the objectives, background, analysis, design, implementation, and system evaluation/testing prior to the system deployment.
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