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Title: In House Management System for V&G Pharmacy and Grocery
Authors: Kumar, A.R.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: V&G Pharmacy and Grocery is a pharmacy located in Mahabage which is selling all kind of drugs and grocery items. The pharmacy, a well-known having a vast and diverse customer base, provides excellent of customer service and quality products in the area. Presently all the operations relevant to this business process are done manually. Such as manual invoicing, maintaining supplier details, order processing and stock handling. Without a proper information system, the wastage of products cannot be traced. As a result the manual system leads to inefficiency and thereby causes financial loss to the pharmacy. Stability and profitability of pharmaceutical industry vary with time. Without moving into new technologies and finding new business opportunities, survival can be hard in this competitive business world. The proposed system will cover day to day activities of the pharmacy such as point of sale (POS), stock tracking, maintaining supplier details and user details, and order processing. Therefore the system would increase the opportunities of the customer while allowing the pharmacy enhances their customer relationship and profit. Nevertheless the system will reduce wastage of the product, time and the personal required for the business process. Further the system enables management level report generation to enhance their business activities. The methodology used for the development of the system was Water fall model. Object oriented system development employing Unified Modeling Language (UML) for the system designing. The system was constructed as a web based system using JAVA language together with MySQL database and the Tomcat as the web server. Further Visual Paradigm tool were aided for the designing. Finally, In House Management System live functionality were verified and validated according to a comprehensive testing procedure and it provide an excellent solution for automating the in house activities of V &G Pharmacy and Grocery.
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