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Title: Web Based Manufacturing Resource Analyzer For Kasun Enterprises
Authors: Kannangara, D.C.D.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: Managing the business efficiently is the key aspect of any company who delivers a product or a service to the market. For an effective sales management manufacturing should be handled in an efficient manner. For a company with production it is very essential to focus on the production level. Managing sales of the company effectively and efficiently will lead to achieve organizational objectives successfully. Therefore effective sales management would play a key role in the success of the organization in the long run. Currently most of the organizations are carrying out their business management functions manually which consumes a huge cost and time. The proposed system is a Web Based Manufacturing Resource Analyzer, which covers not only sales but also other business processes as well. It is a medium scale company which produces shoes and leather products to both local and global market. Currently the company is having a manual system for handling sales and related functions. The solution presented covers all the aspects related to sales from inventory to invoicing. Invoicing for a job and a product, purchase orders, customer registration, machine details updating, inventory handling and management reports are the main functions of the system. More importantly it covers the manufacturing level as it is one of the critical factors of the business. Further it helps to utilize the resources more efficiently. Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology (SSADM) are used to model the system. XAMPP is used to implement the system and the implemented language is PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor). Other than that HTML and CSS are used to develop web pages. With the implemented Web Based Manufacturing Resource Analyzer, the company is now in a position to obtain high-level, quick and efficient management functionalities. This enables the increasing of the productivity of the company as a whole.
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