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Title: Human Resource Management System HR - KDAWFor K.D.A. Weerasinghe &Co.,(Pvt)Ltd
Authors: Mandawita, L.A.K.S.S.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: In an organization HRM is involved in managing the human resources with a focus on expanding customer base that gives profit to the company.HRM has much broader scope on attracting, selecting, retaining, developing, and utilization of human resource in order to achieve both individual and organizational objectives. As a whole HRM is very crucial for the whole function of an organization because it assist organization to create loyal employees, who are ready to offer their best to make organization success. The solution presented within covers all the aspects from application to retirement of an employee. K.D.A. Weerasinghe & Co.,(Pvt)Ltd, a leading Civil Engineering Company in Sri Lanka was established in 1987 by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. It was incorporated on 31st May 1991 as a private limited liability company in Sri Lanka. KDAWs? vision is to be a leading and dynamic Sri Lankan Construction Enterprise with global reach. Through the successful completion of projects, the company has emerged as a well established one in the field of Civil Engineering in Sri Lanka. The presented system covers all the aspects of the Company. It handles the functions such as handling available vacancies of the Company, schedule interviews, selecting applicants through interviews, maintaining up-to-date employee information, record available training programs, maintaining employee training details, maintaining employee leave details and evaluate employee performance to support the future management decision making process. The software process model of the project is Rational Unified Process (RUP) which is comprehensive and iterative approach to software development. Object Oriented System Analysis and Design Methodology (OOSADM) is used to model the system. Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams are used to draw the blueprints of the system. The system is implemented using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2008 IDE and implemented language is VB.NET and the backend of the system is Microsoft SQL Server 2005. With the implemented Human Resource Management System, the company is now in a position to obtain high-level, quick and efficient human resource functionalities. This enables the increasing of the productivity of employees and the company as a whole.
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