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Title: Sri Lankan Jewels International (Pvt) Ltd company Online Web system
Authors: Wanniachch, K.U.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: Sri Lankan Jewels International (Pvt)Ltd Company, doing silver jewelries business with own designs as well as the buying and selling of cut and polish, rough gems is one of the trusted companies dealing with their few of the closest customers, buyers and suppliers since from many years. This company was in need online of a web system within last few years to promote their businesses to outer world. Up to now they used primary communication technologies to communicate with their buyers, suppliers and dealers and keeping the records as hard copies. Some were handled in manual form as well. So the company had to face many problems of gathering new buyers, increasing their businesses, displaying Gems & Jewels with the details, using new IT technologies, creating management reports and giving in some major facilities such as ways of payments, ways of request for demand. In Customer point of view of the Company, they confronted problems of wasting time till they get reply for their requests, knowing details of Gems rather than emails/faxes/letters and getting special documents. As a result some customers have discouraged for getting these services from the Company now as well as the future. This web based solution has consisted of information management system to manage Customer, buyers and suppliers details, Request and place order online facilitate system to request items as their desire, Shopping Cart System to facilitate customers to purchase items via the internet, Online Payment Supporting system to connect with payment gateway, Documents transferring facilitate system to upload and download important documents like certificates & test reports to over come the above mentioned matters. Meanwhile the system has been amended with some additional objects such as User level management System to manage the authorization to user logins, Popup Messages facility and Monitoring and Reporting facilitate System to give advantage to Managerial level and e-learning system to facilitate the users to get some educational knowledge from the same subject area. The system has been developed according to the three-tier architecture and also Object Oriented techniques were employed. Unified Modeling Language was used in the analysis and design stages of the project. WAMP was used to implement the system. Apache was used as the web server and PHP as the server side scripting language with MySQL database management software in the Windows environment. PHP was also used to generate reports. Initially the plan was to develop the shopping cart with own design as per the requirement of the client and then select a payment gateway and merchant account that is compatible with it. Due to economical reasons purchasing of a payment gateway is not possible at this particular time. Hence to simulate the behavior of the system PayPal sandbox, a testing environment provided by PayPal which offers the full functionality were used. The intention behind the proposed web based system was to develop effective and efficient system that affords all requirements and benefits of client. After working hard, much dedicated system was successfully developed to adhere the requirements of the users. Those successes have been confirmed by the comments and acceptance got from the Sri Lankan jewels & International (Pvt) company as well as the supervisor who gave much advice with in the project. Thereby this system met the goals and objectives of the system.
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