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Title: Web-based Student Management System For WideAwake Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
Authors: Jayasundera, J.M.R.U.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: The student management and institute information management process in WideAwake Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is currently being handled manually. The existing manual system has many failures and limitations, which affects the overall institute s functionalities and its future goals and objectives. Many problems were being faced while student registration handling, student performance evaluation, maintaining student attendance, handling lecturer details, maintaining lecturer leaves, textbook inventory management, analyzing past records, classroom management, allocation of lecturers to subjects and batches, communicating and sharing data between centers, etc due to lack of an automated approach to analyze, maintain and easily access the data. When considering the problems they faced, their manual system was not effective and efficient enough in the working environment. Developing a Student Management System for WideAwake Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is being covered by this project. Aim of this project is to build a highly accessible web based solution for the current problems faced by the management during information management and maintenance and to offer an opportunity for the lecturers and the students to make use of the system. This is the perfect solution for the current problems faced due to the use of inadequate manual system. With the aid of the new computerized Web-based Student Management System (WSMS), the client will be empowered with the ability of analyzing information in many perspectives. Furthermore, the WSMS will provide facilities to manage information more efficiently, strategically and accurately, and can be considered as a successful implementation. WSMS and the information it generates will be considered as an essential component of managing the institute, thereby it would be supporting the institute s long-term strategic goals and objectives. The WSMS has been developed for client-server architecture using Object Oriented concepts, .NET framework 4 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 which makes the System highly reliable and maintainable. This dissertation illustrates all the work carried out during each phase of the project.
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