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Title: E-Cycle Trading Management System
Authors: Silva, A.P.De.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: The Indika Cycle Trade Centre is a recognized company located in Wikramasinghepura.It started its business as a bicycle repairing centre and has subsequently expanded into various fields such as selling, hiring, home delivering and trading in new bicycles to old ones. The company is well known for its enhanced customer service and is visited by Customers Island wide. Currently all the transactions are paper-based and therefore it is time consuming and messy. The customers do not have an idea of the products and services offered at the Indika Cycle Trade Centre. They do not have a proper stock management system or an accounting system. The E-cycle trading management system is facilitating customers to search bicycles via online without being physically presented at the shop; furthermore the users have the facility to place online orders. The Customers are given a chance to share common problems and ideas over the member forum so they can discuss matters online. The new arrivals, upcoming events, special promotion campaigns and other updates will be notified to the customers .The system basically composed with two sections. One for the customers and the other to the administrator of the system. To ease up the administrator?s functions order processing, stock balancing, report generating and some of the functions are automated in the E-Cycle trading management system. The methodology used for the development of the system is Rational Unified Process (RUP) and it allows the use of Object Oriented System Development employing Unified Modeling Language (UML) for system designing. Software Ideas Modeller was used as the designing tool. This system was developed using PHP which is a powerful server side scripting language, CSS, HTML were used to handle client side and MYSQL was used as the Database Management System and Apache was used as the Web server. The E-Cycle Trading Management System will ease up the day-to-day transactions and record keeping and also eliminate the downfalls of the current paper-based system. Further, it would enable them to compete with their competitors effectively and efficiently.It provides an excellent solution for automating all the activities from ordering to after sales services of Indika Cycle Trade Centre.
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