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Authors: Berugoda, P.I.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: The E-learning website is an educational site related to Sri Lankan students who are studying Science and Mathematics subjects for their Ordinary Level and Advanced Level. The system guides students or teachers to write & read articles which are related to Science section. Less amount of Sri Lankan educational websites are published in Internet. Therefore, developing this website is essential for both students and teachers. Many teachers want to create personal website but most of them have no technical knowledge & resources to make their own website. It was decided to create a site for such kind of teachers. This is a web based solution hosted in a centralized web server with a database server where only the admin has the overall control. This site introduce for the students & teachers to write or read Science articles. After registering with the main site they can create & manage own blog and the URL such as /own Name. The registered users can add, modify and manage their own articles and the site is allocating blogs for each and every one. All the articles can publish on both main site and users own blog, or only on their blogs. Every Sri Lankan can access this site and add valuable articles or lessons for A/L and O/L students. A CMS is used to manage all articles on the website and admin can manage all articles on this website. Blog user can manage own blog data include articles & personal data. Guest user can only view articles, View ads, view blogger information & can write a comment. This system builds with ASP.NET server technologies and uses SQL server as the DBMS. Unified Modeling Language was used in the analysis and design stages of the project. Photoshop was used to edit images. Whole system was tested using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer for browser compatibility. This dissertation illustrates all the work carried out during the each phase of the project. Through achieving functional and non-functional objectives of the project, this system gives a smooth functioning procedure with user friendly environment to students or teachers who have no technical knowledge & resources to write & read articles which are related to Science section. Therefore, development of this site is a great opportunity for all Sri Lankan students and teachers.
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