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dc.thesis.supervisorRagel, R.G. (Dr.)en_US
dc.description.abstractMarabedda Gardens Flower Shop is one of the oldest flower shops in Kandy. They have maintained their reputation for over a few decades by supplying all kinds of floral requirements to their customers. Even though they have a good name in flower business they lack the proper business and management strategy that suit the new trends and needs of the present day people. Instead conventional business practices are carried out during those years which keep new customers away from their grasp. Current businesses are more and more invest on IT to reach a huge customer base and give their customers a modern business experience. This E-Business Website for Marabedda Gardens Flower Shop is developed to serve that purpose with the help of IT. After the implementation they will be able to manage their business properly and easily to serve their customers a satisfactory service not only within the city limits, but far away of it. The system includes online buying and ordering system for the customer to their satisfaction. They also can place inquiries and make their floral requirement as they want. The management will be able to keep control of all the tasks which effect the business by updating their new online system. The system runs on client-server architecture, which will use web platform technologies to implement. The front end design is developed using xHTML, JavaScript, etc. and the back end is developed using PHP and MySQL as the database. The methodology is Rational Unified Process with Object Oriented concepts. Adobe Dreamweaver is the main development tool being used. Apache server used as server platform and the operating system being used is Microsoft Windows. This dissertation emphasizes how the work is carried out from analysis to final evaluation to fulfil the expectations of client (Marabedda Gardens).en_US
dc.titleE-Business Website for Marabedda Gardens Flower Shopen_US
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