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Title: E-Commerce Solution for Forbies Technologies
Authors: Chathumalee, M.A.S.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: The main aim of this project is to develop and maintain a fully computerized web based stock management and marketing system for Forbies Company. Three kinds of users are supposed to be used in this system. They are Customer, Employee and Administrator. This is web based system mainly constructed using JSP and Servlet. Also MySQL used as backend Database system. At the analysis phase of the project, throw away prototype was used to capture correct requirements from the client. Also UML diagrams were used to model a design while ER diagram with crow s feet notation was used to model Database. This system is also plan to use for marketing purposes. And also achieving functional and non-functional objectives of the project, this system is gives a smooth functioning procedure with user friendly environment. This system was developed into two main subsystems. They are Stock management subsystem and Marketing subsystem There are three kinds of database operations in the system. They are adding new records to the database, Updating existing records to the database and Deleting records from the database This report illustrates all the work carried out during the main phases of the project. Each chapter will consist of required details in order to understand the project with the help of appropriate figures, graphs and reports.
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