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Title: Medical Insurance System for Virtusa Pvt. Ltd.
Authors: Isaac, E.R.
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2013
Abstract: The Medical Insurance System for Virtusa is a web based system, which provides the employees of Virtusa with the ability to submit medical claims online. Virtusa is a Sri Lanka Board of Investment approved company, providing IT solutions to global organizations. Currently, medical claims of the employees are processed manually, through an insurance service provider, which is a cause of employee dissatisfaction due to delays in processing as well as lapses in communicating the status of the claims. By interviewing the employees, the claim processor, and the managers of the Finance and Human Resource departments, it was decided to implement a web based system using open source technologies which would provide the employee with the ability to view the lifecycle of a claim from submission to the final payment. The system consists of a website and a web based Medical Insurance System. Submitting claims, processing claims, approving claims, auto generating mails and producing reports are some of the features of the system. A three-tier client/server architecture was used and the system was designed using object oriented principles. Further, research was done on using a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture to implement the system. The system was implemented using HTML, as the markup language, CSS, as the styling language, JavaScript, as the client side scripting language and PHP, as the server side scripting language. The Apache HTTP server was used as the web server, whilst MySQL was used as the database management system. The Medical Insurance System was implemented successfully for the Virtusa intranet, and all the planned modules were completed by the end of the project. This dissertation is aimed at providing a better understanding of the architecture and implementation of this system.
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